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As an SEO professional with more than 13 years of experience, I became frustrated with freelance programmers negatively impacting my clients' SEO, so I started my own Next.js software team.

Hire my vetted coders to maintain—or even increase—your organic search rankings.


Hire Our Remote Next.js Developers?

As an SEO lead company, we got sick and tired of working with developers who don't know or don't follow best practices for organic search. So, we started our own company focused on making it easy to hire next.js developers.

Our team of skilled Next.js developers is dedicated to strategically setting up your website to maximize organic traffic success. By utilizing the latest Next.js technologies and best practices, they ensure that your site is not only visually appealing but also optimized for search engines. This comprehensive approach helps improve your site's visibility and attract more visitors naturally.

Our Next.js developers focus on setting your website up for organic traffic success just like our previous clients:


How The Development ProcessWorks

We begin by thoroughly analyzing your React or Next.js site to identify key areas that need updates. This initial analysis helps us outline a clear and effective strategy for the software engineer process. Once the plan is in place, our team works on implementing the necessary changes and improvements. By prioritizing efficiency and attention to detail, we ensure that every aspect of your website is optimized for performance and user experience.


React.js, Next.js, TypeScript and Javascript Audit

We conduct a comprehensive review of your React or JavaScript website to identify improvement areas, then develop a detailed action plan tailored to enhance performance and user experience


Software Implementation

We meticulously implement our findings, applying targeted improvements to optimize your website's functionality and user engagement.


Why Work With Our Developers?

Here are just a few compelling reasons to hire our Next.js developers: they bring extensive expertise in modern web development, ensuring your projects are built using best practices for scalability and performance.


SEO Driven

We manage everything from start to finish to ensure SEO best practices are implemented correctly.


Fully Vetted Talent

We only work with expert developers with a proven track record of success. Don't waste time with market places to find the perfect fit.



Choose our part-time or full-time services as your needs dictate. Allowing you to scale our involvement up or down based on your project's needs.


Best Software Practices

We manage everything from start to finish, ensuring the correct implementation of SEO and software best practices.


No More Overwhelmed Developers

Is your engineer team overworked and struggling to implement front-end technologies effectively? Hire us to fill in the gaps your team is missing.


Safe & Secure Deployment

Our app deployment process prioritizes safety and security, ensuring that your application launches smoothly with robust protection against vulnerabilities.


Work With Our Remote Next.Js Developers

Work seamlessly with our Next.js developers using the management or communication system of your choice, ensuring flexibility and ease in every step of your app.


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We grew increasingly frustrated with developers who negatively impacted our clients' SEO efforts. In response, we now fully manage our developers and meticulously review their work to ensure it complies with SEO best practices, preserving and enhancing your site's search engine performance.

Additionally, our involvement doesn't end with assigning a Next.js developer to you; we maintain daily communication with our team to provide ongoing support and ensure that you remain in the loop throughout the process. We are committed to transparency and continuous collaboration, ensuring your project's success without compromising your SEO achievements.


Our Next.js Customers

Wondering if you should hire our JavaScript developers? Take a look at the testimonials from our previous customers to see the positive impact our team has made:

Akeel Jabber

Founder @ HoriZen Capital

Akeel Jabber

Scott and his team are my go to guys for anything organic or development related. They have helped out with companies in our portfolios numerous times.

Jake Willhoite

Portfolio Website Owner

Jake Willhoite

Whenever I have a problem I reach out to Scott right away. We have been working together for years and have never had an issue.